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About Us

Background & Business Activities

World Ship is a strong consultancy firm specializing in delivery service and logistical solutions. Together with our customers, we design long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous venture performance.

We develop, execute, incorporate, and uphold a multi-faceted industry with intelligent applications, based on the high quality and efficiency of our carriers. We offer highly effective yet simple software products, which our specialists adapt to customers' explicit unique requirements. This goal is achieved through a solid partnership with an industry leader in logistical programming technologies. This partnership enables World Ship & Freight to incorporate the most effective solution to your business requirements.

Our client base spans market industries, including Fashion, Finance, Automotive, Food, Legal and Aeronautical.

World Ship & Freight Company History

Became World Ship & Freight after expanding and                         achieving levels of success around the world. Also, in our ever present goal of over achieving WS&F has a signed agreement with an                     industry leader Merchant Warehouse. They function as an industry leader in cost savings and technology.

2009: An exclusive contract achieved by few in American history, a partnership with the United States Post Office. 

2008: Executed a partnership with one of the largest freight forwarders in the world allowing us to offer unparalleled pricing to our clients without                   you having to produce millions in shipping.

2002: Received  recognition as the fastest growing franchise in the Express 1 system.

2001: Express 1 Detroit founded based on franchisor Express 1.

Management Team

  • Doug Seley, General Manager Global Operations
  • Chris Serrano, Sales Manager
  • Cesar Cespedes, Operations Manager
  • Ronda Seley, Merchant Processing Manager
  • Maria Mullins, Financial Manager
  • Maxwell Seley, Marketing Manager
For any information please contact us:

P.O.Box 182346
Shelby Twp., Mi 48318
Off. (248) 689-0101
Fax. (248) 928-5330